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Carloggi lab Feb. 2024.png

February 2024: Still snow in the mountains luckily. Extended Carl and Poggi lab trip ;-)..

Paper 2024.png

March 2024: New paper from the lab - maternally expressed risk genes for psychiatric disorders. Are we up to something?!?!

Carolina Master.jpg

December 2023: Carolina did it! Congratulations to a great master thesis and defense!

Cariolina, zf meeting 2024.jpg
Judith prize IZM 24.jpg

February 2024: What a memorable Italian Zebraish Meeting 2024 in Palermo! Carolina's first poster presentation on neuronal plasticity and adaptive behavior in medaka. And Judith wins yet another best presentation prize - awesome!!!

Judith Speaker price.jpg

July 2023: Crazy stuff - when the boss is not around... Our Judith with the best postdoc presentation award at the 12th European Zebrafish Meeting in Krakow! How cool is that please!?! Congratulations also to everyone involved in the story, especially Anja and Samuele!

Anja leaving 2.jpg

May 2023: Anja leaving for a PI position in Germany. We will dearly miss you ;-(!

Lab x-mas 2022.jpg
NdR 2023 Judith.jpg

September 2023: The researchers night in Trento. Judith in action to explain what a fish can do. Impressive turnout of public interest - very encouraging!

Carolina MyDev2023.jpg

May 2023: Carolina in action at the MyDev meeting in Milano - great talk!

Agostini Carolina.jpg

 March 2023: Welcome back Carolina Agostini!!! Master student working on medakafish brain asymmetry and adaptation.

December 2022: Vin Brule time at Trento Xmas market

Labevent September 2022.jpg

September 2022: More than overdue celebration of two successfully completed master thesis' and a publication - congrats ;-)!

Overview end.jpg

October 2022: Developmental Biology practicals for 3rd year students - modelling Xenopus gastrulation stages has side effects. I love it ^^!

Alessandra LM defense 22.7.22.jpg

July 2022: Congratulations to our new Master Alessandra Antico Calderone. ;-))). Well Done!

Judith Trondheim meeting July 2022.jpg

July 2022: Outreach for the lab - Judith at 6th meeting on “Imaging Structure and Function of the Zebrafish Brain Conference” in Trondheim

Manuscript sent July 2022.png

July 2022: Manuscript submitted - let's cross fingers...

Frontiers accept.png

September 2022: This was a quick one - I love these emails ;-)! Special congrats to our ex-bachelor Carolina and ex-master Alessandra! This calls for some celebration!

Anja, GEI meeting 2022.jpg

June 2022: Anja in action at the 67th meeting of the Italian Society  for Developmental and Cell Biologists (GEI-SIBSC) in Gargnano at the Garda Lake

GEI meeting break 2022.jpg

June 2022: Preparation for the next GEI-meeting session... ;-)

Anja 2nd poster prize 2022.JPG

February 2022: Congratulations to our postdoc Anja Bühler for winning the poster prize at the 3rd Italian zebrafish meeting in Naples. Big thanks to @Co_Biologists,  #CARITRO,  @dfg_public, @CIBIO_UniTrento and of course the organisers of this awesome meeting in this awesome city 👏👍👏

Samuele Sartori master.jpg

May 2022: Congratulations to our new Master Samuele Sartori. 110 a lode - what do you expect ;-)!!!?

Judith Habicher .png

 December 2021: Welcome Judith Habicher!!! Postdoctoral researcher supported by a Swedish Wenner-Gren fellowship

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